Sunday, August 2, 2009

hi guys

its the new kid here if you're reading this that means you've found my blog big shout to room 18


  1. Woah ! How are you, friendo? It sounds like you've been really crook. Come to our class soon :-)

  2. Welcome to the room 18 blogging world!
    Hope you get better soon! :-)

  3. Hi I'm in rm 18 also but I have been away sick for quite a long time!!
    Welcome to rm 18.

  4. Is this our friend from Napier?
    See you at school - or else ;-)

  5. Woah! Ethan who disappeared without a trace from our class last year? Nice to hear from you. How are you doing?
    I'm glad you're enjoying Fairfield College.
    FIS will soon have a new DP and a new Principal, so things will be very different there.
    I have quit teaching to pursue other endeavours.
    All the best!